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2003 Travels April 8

TUESDAY 8 APRIL     HOME TO YEA     80kms.

We have never been known for early starts on the first day of a trip, but today had to set a record that, hopefully, will never be beaten!

Left home at 5pm.

It was a surprise that we got away at all, this day.

Yesterday, John completed most of his building work on the cot and change table. I’d worked on Sunday and yesterday, thoroughly rubbing linseed oil into them, and then applying a coat of sealer over that. The finishing touches were completed about 11am this morning! The cot and change table would be picked up and shipped by professional removalists, to Canberra – which daughter was arranging. (Later, because her work involved moving her belongings overseas, she had the items valued. We were amazed that the cot alone was valued at over $2000! An endorsement of John’s work)

Resize of 03-21-2003 assembling sarahs cot.jpg

John then cleaned up his shed, located and packed the camping gear, his extra tools and the like. The packing of Truck came together really quickly. Room was made and my Barina car was moved up through the backyard and into the shed.

John took truck to fill up at the local servo – 97cpl. He also filled the 23 litre jerry can of spare fuel that we carry.

I’d done the van packing well in advance, whilst John was woodworking, and yesterday cooked chicken maryland pieces to go in the fridge for tea, our first night on the road.

I think we needed to feel that we were actually on the move, before something else intervened. 80kms was better than none!

We travelled our usual route north over the Great Dividing Range, to Yea, arriving there just as dusk was falling. We took an overnight site at the Yea Family Caravan Park, that allowed us to stay hitched up. $18.

We ate the pre-cooked chicken I’d made yesterday, with some coleslaw – also pre-prepared.

The night turned really cold. Winter had come early to Victoria.

I thought our house sitter – L – was really surprised that we actually managed to leave today. She had been back at uni for weeks by now, and living in the back part of the house, sharing the kitchen – an arrangement that worked well. She’d watched the recent rather frantic activity with some bemusement. She said she would – kind-of – miss us, as she had enjoyed having people to come home to, and would be a bit lonely again, at first.

Resize of 03-21-2003 cot and luise

L checking out the finished cot

I hoped the two cats would still be alive when we got home again – they were getting so old.

After all our original lovely plans, we now had about a week to get to to Adels Grove, in time to work over Easter. Via Canberra, so John could meet his first grandchild.

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2002 Travels December 19


As we were not due home until tomorrow, today’s was a more leisurely start, and a short stage to Yea. NOW we have slowed down!

It was a hot day, again.

Refuelled at Shepparton – 87cpl.

There was a stop for an indulgent pie and pasty  lunch for John, at a favourite bakery at Nagambie. I had sandwiches. It was pleasant by the lake there.

We reached Yea early in the afternoon. Booked into the Yea Family Park – $18.


Resize of 12-19-2002 Yea cp.jpg

The last overnight for the van, this trip

After the basic set up, we went for a wander around town. It is a very pretty place, so this was quite enjoyable walking.

I commented to John that this was much nicer than the only previous time I’d stayed in Yea – some twenty years previous. Then, I’d spent several hours in the local hospital, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a faulty hatchback fastening on my car, that allowed exhaust fumes to be sucked in as I drove.

Today was a much more pleasant one than those we’d spent coming through NSW.

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