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2013 Travels September 19



As we hadn’t had to unhitch the Terios last night, it was easy to get away this morning, after giving Couey a run in the back paddock.

It was a noisy departure, though. I took Couey on the lead with me and walked to the office to turn in our gate card and en-suite keys, after John had driven out through the boom gate. Dog thought Bus was going without her and complained loudly. Had she been IN the Bus, she would have complained equally loudly about me walking off without her. At least, she was then fast to get onto Bus!

Routine run down the Hume Freeway, to Seymour. Turned off there, for Yea. There was the usual hold-the-breath moment when going under the railway bridge at Seymour. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder if those extra few pounds of pressure in the tyres had made us higher? But there were no nasty scraping noises. I am sure there  was quite adequate clearance above us – but the optics were uncomfortable.

Stopped for lunch at Yea. We could always find a place to easily park the rig there. Walked to the bakery. John bought a pie and I had a lovely, freshly made salad and ham roll.

We were home by mid-afternoon. Couey obviously recognised the area and got all excited as we turned the corner into our street. Beats me how she knows, especially after months away.

Had to park the rig in the street, a bit before our first driveway. I took dog and put her in the house, then  unhitched Terios, which I drove up into the carport. John then drove Bus into its parking bay.

We managed most of the unpacking before dark. A lot of stuff stays permanently in Bus, so unpacking mostly involved some clothes, perishable foods, the electronic gear and all the dog’s gear.

Our house gas hot water service and ducted heating were a bit slow to fire up and required some fiddling about by John. We have never before left the house un-lived-in for such a lengthy period. However, John’s car, which had been on a trickle charger all the time, started first try.

The place looked good. M had mowed the lawns recently.

Tea was fish and chips from our local shop. Always delicious.

It had been so good to have an extended trip away again. It had been too long since the last big one in 2009. But it was also nice to get home again, to the garden in its spring finery, and to a normal width bed again! The house always seemed so huge after months spent in a confined space. 


Bus: 7611 kms.

Terios: towed for 7611kms, plus driven 2287kms independently

Accommodation: $2599.10    86 nights away.

Chain discounts gained: $67.30

Number of different places stayed at: 27

Dearest accommodation: Cool Waters Kinka Beach $58 per night

Cheapest paid accommodation: Theodore Showgrounds  $15

Cost diesel (Bus)  $2044.99


3 thoughts on “2013 Travels September 19

  1. That’s a good daily cost for two people.

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