This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

The older travel diaries

Over the years, we have received so many questions about our travels. These questions ranged from the broad to the minute detail. How did we decide destinations? What did we take with us? Were we scared? What did we eat? Which jobs did we work at? And so on.

Too many people have said to us, wistfully – “I wish I could do what you are doing”.

Too many times we have talked with people who planned and hoped to travel as we have, but who put it off until “later” – to save more money or because it seemed safer to wait. Then illness or death or financial crises intervened – and they were left wishing they’d followed the dream, while they could.

I hope that our older travel diaries answer some of the questions. I hope that they might inspire those who “wish” – to actually get out there exploring this superb country of ours, sooner, rather than the later that may never come.