This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.


Wanderlust has been my middle name, from the time I could crawl. For many years, indulging this was confined to education and work holiday breaks. Then, a 4 month long-service leave trip round the western half of Australia, in 1993, was an insight into the travelling life. John’s hip replacement in 1997, at age 56, was the wake-up call to get out there and live our dreams of adventure, while we still could. So we retired from the workforce, aged 52 and 57, and went on the road full time 1998-2000. Since 2001, we have been alternating periods of travel with spells at home. This is when John pursues his  loves of lawn bowls and woodwork, and we grandparent. Some of our trips during this time combined travel with work, because the opportunities were there, the jobs on offer were different from our previous working incarnations, and were too interesting to pass up. Travels before 1998 were tent-based. The hip replacement made tent based travel impractical, so in 1997 we acquired a Trakmaster Kimberley caravan, which we towed with our Landrover, the “Truck”. This rig was replaced, in 2012, by a Coaster motorhome: the Bus, with which we flat-tow a Terios.

So, our Third Age has definitely been This Adventurous Age. It is a work in progress……

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Afternoon,
    Love your site.
    I am running my own page – – where I row (on a machine in my living room) and track my journey around Australia. Every few days I write about what I “see” on the journey. My blog is followed by rowing enthusiasts and champions from all around the world.
    I really like the pics you have taken around the Nicholson River in the Carpentaria region of QLD – would LOVE to use these photos in my blog if that’s OK with you. I will of course credit you (and if you let me know how I will copy that verbatim).

    Andrew Stahmer
    0418 373 992

  2. Wendy,
    I love what you are doing, blogging about your travels from your diaries. I’m grateful that we can blog these days and share our journeys. I do have a couple of old travel diaries- one on a trip to South Africa in 1984 complete with photos. Maybe one day.i will turn it into an online journal too. I have another blog I did a few years ago on a trip across the Nullarbor to SA, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. I enjoy looking back at it sometimes.

    Thank you for all your helpful advice on my blog! Much appreciated.

  3. Please let me know how I can get in touch to ask if I can use one of your fantastic pictures for a news story!

  4. Please note the true and full story of the Pajinka Wilderness Lodge history is not represented and inaccurate.

    • What is written represents what we were told, and read, from several sources, at the time we visited the Cape in 1998. I do not know what has happened to Pajinka since that year. At the time we hoped that somehow a business there could be resurrected, even if it was only a campground with basic, working facilities, efficiently run. But in various travellers’ reports on the Cape that I’ve read since then, there hasn’t been any mention of Pajinka, only Punsand.

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