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2015 Travels May 31

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SUNDAY MAY 31     BENDIGO TO HOME     230kms

After the usual morning routine and pack up, we left the park at 9.55am. It had rained during the night and now the sky to the south looked quite threatening.

Leaving Bendigo in lousy weather

The GPS directed us onto the OD route through the outskirts of Bendigo to the Heathcote road. All very easy – a benefit of having a truck system. “She” wanted to keep us on the route to the Calder Highway, though, but eventually re-adjusted as we tootled off to Heathcote.

The way home from Bendigo, through Heathcote, Tooborac, Seymour and Yea was a very familiar one. Not boring, but routine. About the only unusual event was sighting a live, rather than the usual dead, wombat by the side of the road.

Again, the GPS had some difficulties with our route choices. After Heathcote, she wanted us to continue down the McIvor Highway towards Melbourne. Then, at Seymour, she thought we should take the Hume towards the city. I could almost hear her grumbling to herself after about the twentieth “do a U turn…”

Just beyond Seymour, came up behind a line of several vehicles following a fairly large caravan. The tail back built …and built. A few cars took some risks to pass him – this stretch of road is fairly hilly and winding. There were several places where he could have slowed down and pulled over to let followers through, but was not considerate enough to do so. Eventually, just before Yea, he turned off onto a side road to somewhere else.

We followed this rig…and followed…and followed

We stopped for lunch in Yea. That town has a very wide grassed area between the road lanes, with picnic tables on. It had become our practice for one of us to wait there with dog while the other goes and buys their food from the excellent bakery, then to swap over. I love their freshly made cheese and salad rolls! I bought a vanilla slice and a beesting, to be tonight’s dessert.A final trip indulgence…

Today’s lunch was somewhat livened up by a carriage pulled by two grey horses, going up and down the road. Dog was interested but happy to be so at a distance. Showed no signs of wanting to go and investigate those large critters any closer up. Wish I could have said the same thing about the fountain, near where we had parked Bus. She was so strong when there was a water goal in mind. I could see one of us, one day, actually ending up in the fountain pool with a very happy dog.

After Yea, the rain was steady, as we traversed the Great Dividing Range.

The hills of home…

Reached home at 1.30pm.

Unpacking these days was fairly easy, as so much was permanently left in Bus. By late afternoon all was done and the washing was happening. Couey was rediscovering her toys and spreading them out all over the house. John was back on his big-screen computer.

It had been good to be travelling again, and using Bus, rather than leaving it sit there.

Before we’d left, I had wondered how well I would cope with the two leg wounds. Changing the dressings every couple of days had been a chore, and was done in less than hygienic conditions – dog hair anyone? But it was very clear by the end of the trip that there had been really significant improvement and progress. I was surprised by this, but very pleased. The scales at home also showed that I had lost several kgs of weight…good stuff, this travel.


Nights away: 33

Kms travelled: 3017 kms

Fuel cost: $635.28

Accommodation cost: $1320.60

Savings through discounts: $90.40

Dearest accommodation (after discounts): Eaglehawk Holiday Park Sutton $43 pn

Cheapest accommodation: Gilgandra Caravan Park $29.70

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