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2015 Travels May 30

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Couey and I did an early morning walk around the park. I tied her up outside the office and went in to collect the Saturday papers previously ordered. Pleased to have The Age again.

Tucked in amongst the cabins at Epsom

We had to be organized and out, in order to watch grandson play football – Under 12’s – at 10.30. Earlier than normal start for John!

Successfully negotiated the busy Saturday morning traffic and found the ground. Daughter had managed to “save” us a space to park the car nose in to the perimeter rail of the ground, so we could watch the match in comfort. On this really cold morning, that was appreciated.

It was only grandson’s sixth game of footy, but he seemed to do alright. At least, I knew more about this sport! He was also training to become a boundary umpire. Busy fellow and daughter had a hectic schedule getting him to various trainings, plus watching his games. What goes around….I reminded her of the demands on my time that her years of horse riding and Pony Club had made. Summer gives her some respite, to date anyway, though he is interested in cricket…

After the game, took ourselves back to Bus for lunch and to read the papers. I took Couey for a decent walk around the park and gave her some ball chasing out on the street.

Pleasant grassed caravan sites…

Mid-afternoon, went to daughter’s place and relaxed there with her and the two children – the younger one was three now.

Eventually, daughter’s partner came home from netball, and her mother came to visit with us too. Daughter served us all a lovely corned beef dinner.

Eventually made our way back to Bus. Couey had spent our visiting time tucked up snugly in the car, apart from a brief leg stretch and her dinner, which I’d taken with us.

The night was really cold. Luckily the silver window shields insulate Bus fairly well and it did not take long for the little fan heater to warm the inside up.

It was our last night – for a few weeks at least – of sleeping on the narrow, but comfortable enough, Bus beds. I confess to looking forward to my home bed where I could actually spread out a bit.

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