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2002 Travels December 19



As we were not due home until tomorrow, today’s was a more leisurely start, and a short stage to Yea. NOW we have slowed down!

It was a hot day, again.

Refuelled at Shepparton – 87cpl.

There was a stop for an indulgent pie and pasty  lunch for John, at a favourite bakery at Nagambie. I had sandwiches. It was pleasant by the lake there.

We reached Yea early in the afternoon. Booked into the Yea Family Park – $18.


Resize of 12-19-2002 Yea cp.jpg

The last overnight for the van, this trip

After the basic set up, we went for a wander around town. It is a very pretty place, so this was quite enjoyable walking.

I commented to John that this was much nicer than the only previous time I’d stayed in Yea – some twenty years previous. Then, I’d spent several hours in the local hospital, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a faulty hatchback fastening on my car, that allowed exhaust fumes to be sucked in as I drove.

Today was a much more pleasant one than those we’d spent coming through NSW.

Resize of 12-19-2002 to yea

6 thoughts on “2002 Travels December 19

  1. The Newell is such a fast paced road I find it tiring to drive on. Though last week we did visit the Mirrool Pub for a night. The best ever on this road.

  2. And when it comes to getting back into Melbourne I vote for The Yea route every time. Less traffic no bottlenecks.

    • Being in the outer east, it is a no-brainer. Who would battle the traffic on the Eastern Freeway, or the Ring Road (and the missing links on both routes) when they can travel the scenic route?

      • It’s the missing links that are the problem and our caravanning days will be over before those bottlenecks are solved. Thankfully the M7 to Newcastle Expressway at Pennant Hills is almost complete in Sydney.

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