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2010 Travels May 17

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Yesterday a new outfit came onto the next site. Someone in there snored really, really loudly, through most of the night. I felt besieged – snorers within and without.

There was some light drizzle overnight and a heavy sea fog. This morning, there was much condensation under the awning, and drips everywhere.

Straight after lunch, John phoned Telstra because his laptop was not working properly and would not connect to the internet. A couple of days ago, he received an email from someone unknown, asking him to check the attached resume. He didn’t pause to read the sender information, just saw “resume” and assumed it was from daughter, whose resume he’d helped with a few weeks ago. He opened it. Bad mistake. There was, apparently, nothing there, of course. Then his protection program told him his computer was under attack. Now, he couldn’t get onto the internet.

John spent a lot of time talking to Telstra. No solution was found. He didn’t tell them about the email he’d opened – too embarrassed! So now they think he has a problem with the modem.

We drove to the town centre and returned the Whalers Way key. Yesterday, we’d arranged that, thinking we could well be back after  closing time at the Information Centre.

In the Lincoln National Park

We walked the ship commemorative walk along the foreshore. Plaques along this pathway featured ships that had, at some time, been associated with the town and area. Boston Bay was a natural deep water harbour and so shipping had been an integral part of the town. The wharf complex still provided an import/export facility for the Eyre Peninsula – evidenced by the big grain silos there and the rail lines to the jetties.

Port Lincoln foreshore walk

As we walked, out attention was drawn by much bird noise. We could see flocks of seagulls following and trying to land on loaded trucks that were leaving a wharf. We realized that these trucks contained the food used at the tuna farms – obviously seagull food too.

Did a small grocery shop. Had coffee at the good coffee shop. It was unusual for John to partake of same – but he was outvoted this time. Had a Subway lunch.

Bought up big at the seafood outlet shop – whiting, kingfish, tuna, all of which I then froze, and some oysters too.

We did a partial pack up of the camp. Took down our awning in case it got wet in the night to come.

Tea was an oyster entree for John, then we both had sausages and mash.

We had squeezed as much time in these parts as we could, given John’s appointment schedule, but now it was time to head for home. I planned our stages to provide some slack, not knowing how John would manage on any given day.

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