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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2010 Travels May 18

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The alarm went off at 7am. There was a heavy fog outside – a real pea-souper. M’s tent was very wet. We did not hurry breakfast and our pack up, knowing that she’d be delayed. Left the park at 9am.

It was a pretty drive, along the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula. As we’d told ourselves on earlier trips, some day soon we must return and really take our time down this section, exploring the small places.

We had a coffee break at Cowell, and a lunch stop at Whyalla, in a sort of park, overlooking a wetlands development. That was a pleasant place for the break.

Fuelled up at Port Augusta, as we had done so many times before, over the years since 1993.

John was feeling fit enough to continue on to Peterborough, rather than stay a night here.

We suggested that M lead the way through the uphill, winding Horrocks Pass. Usually she preferred to follow – at a good distance – but we knew our rig would be slower than the Troopy through here.

Just after reaching the top of the Pass, a whooshing noise was to be heard. It was immediately obvious that a tyre on Truck was going down. John thought it was maybe a valve issue – related to having let down the tyres at Coffin Bay. Fortunately, there was adequate room to pull over and change the wheel. In one sense the fates were on our side – it could have been quite tricky if we’d had to change the wheel part way up the Horrocks Pass climb.

Meanwhile, M was waiting for us in Wilmington….. and waiting….. Our CB’s wouldn’t connect, due to hills and distance. Eventually, we were able to exchange text messages, and we caught up to her in Wilmington.

Then, about 30kms short of Peterborough, M radioed us, from behind, that it was her turn for a flat tyre! The passenger side rear one, just like ours had been. We managed a U-turn and went back to help her change the wheel.

So, we were considerably later than intended when we reached Peterborough. It was almost dark.

We got adjacent sites, for $26, and did a basic set up only. M put up the roof tarp that would give her a bit of shelter while she cooked her tea at the back of the Troopy.

Peterborough camp the next morning

Tea was Mongolian lamb – with help from a packet mix – and rice.

All were tired after the long and eventful day, and went early to bed. It was a freezing cold night.

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