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2004 Travels August 27


Yesterday ended our second week of camping here, so the rate for tonight went up to $17.

Cleaned and packed up the outside stuff.

Drove into town to pick up my photos. There was still no faxed permit. This delay was normal, from what I heard. It was not going to deter us – I had tried to do the right thing.

Refuelled truck – $1.14cpl.

We had a farewell drink with E and D. It had been pleasant to spend some time with them, here.

My back was hurting – think I kinked it when doing the cleaning!

There were showers of rain through the evening. Last time we left here, it was wet, too.

John actually said that he wished we were going out to the Blowholes to camp for a while! This amazed me – I’d have thought it was too basic for him. Tempting as the idea was, for me too, we only now had about three weeks before the time we’d told L we would be home. This year, the timing could not be flexible, as she was moving back home to Nowra. John wanted to visit his family in Canberra, on the (roundabout) way home, too.

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2004 Travels August 26


I did the washing.

Drove into town, where I did food shopping.

Put in a final film roll for processing. The travel permit from Alice Springs had not arrived by fax, yet.

We bought a big bag of mandarins at Morels – a farm outlet.

I took back the library books.

After lunch, John and D bowled.

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2004 Travels August 25


The day was very windy.

We drove out to the north west, to Quobba Station and the Blowholes. This entailed going back out the highway, to the north, for about 15kms, then taking the Point Quobba road for about another 60kms.

The drive was through rather monotonous country – quite bleak and arid looking. There were areas of very low plants, with bare ground between them, interspersed with large swampy, washout sections, mostly dry, that were arms of the land locked Lake McDonald.

Out at the Blowholes area, there were posted warnings about the dangers of king waves – sudden waves that came right up onto what looked like safe ground above the cliffs. These had drowned a number of people, over the years. So we were rather cautious about going too close to the cliff edges, particularly given the conditions.

Resize of 08-25-2004 03 Blowhole 2.JPG

Waves breaking onto the land

The Blowholes were supposed to be really spectacular, shooting water up from cracks in the cliffs, to considerable height.

Resize of 08-25-2004 05 Blowholes nth of Carnarvon.jpg

Conditions today were causing huge waves to break on the cliffs, shooting plumes of spray really high into the air. Because of this, and our reluctance to go too close, it was hard to tell what spray came from breaking waves and what from the blowholes. Regardless, it was very spectacular – and noisy – illustrating the power of the ocean.

Resize of 08-25-2004 09 Spray at Blowholes 3.JPG

Resize of 08-25-2004 06 Quobba area Blowholes.jpg

After we’d watched waves and blows for a while, drove a km south along the coast, to where there was a primitive camping area – more of a collection of rough shacks and camps, but with room for the casual camper. It would be alright for a future stay, though possibly rather dusty and exposed.

Resize of 08-25-2004 blowhole seas.jpg

Quieter seas near the camping area

Continued north, along the coast, for a few more kms, to Quobba Homestead, to check that out for a future trip. One could camp at the homestead, which looked alright – more sheltered than back at the Blowholes. Or there was camping 50kms further north, on the station, at Red Bluff. That seemed really interesting, too. But neither of these options was cheap – camping at Quobba was $18 a night.

Resize of 08-25-2004 12 on Quobba Station near Carnarvon.jpg

Quobba country

After that, we turned back to Carnarvon.

It was such a pleasure to get out and about, after all the sports watching.

Later, in the evening, the batteries were really low, so I had to turn the fridge off altogether for the rest of the night. John had not had the charger on as much as he should have, because it interfered with the TV picture quality! I was not happy!



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2004 Travels August 24


John and I practiced bowls at the park’s green. I had been having some pain in a knee for a while now, aggravated by exercise, and this made it hurt.

More TV Olympics – boring! Even John was losing interest now.

The  night was extremely windy. The van really rocked around.

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2004 Travels August 23


We drove to the shops, in the morning.

John did a computer download.

I used the Internet at the film shop to apply for the necessary permits to cross aboriginal lands on the Great Central Road. The application for the WA section was transmitted to Perth, where it was filed, so that was all that was needed for that.

A second application went to Alice Springs, for the NT land section. They send out the permit, which one is meant to carry with them. I requested that it be faxed to the film shop here.

I bought prawns. They were so delicious, here.

More Olympics watching.

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2004 Travels August 22


Olympics watching as usual. There was just too much of it – full on. Too much coverage of sports that do not interest me – unfortunately, most of them! I could raise some interest in the swimming, although even that got a bit boring. The only other coverage that interested me was the equestrian events. All else quickly became tedious, for me.

Truck was done at 6pm. It had been nice of them to work on it on a Sunday.

The plane from Perth arrived at 3.15pm. I texted son that I’d just seen our new wheel bearings fly over! He didn’t understand, and phoned me immediately – he thought we’d been in an accident! Oops. Anyway, we had an enjoyable long talk.

It was great to have Truck back. Even though we were not doing much, it felt better to know we could! Pleasing, too, to know that truck should be fit for the journey home across the desert.

Resize of 08-25-2004 01 Wintersun Carnarvon.JPG

Pleasantly shaded at Wintersun Caravan Park

At night, there was a very spectacular fireworks display, to end the Rodeo weekend.

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2004 Travels August 21


In the morning, I walked to Dewsons again, and bought The Australian paper.

The town was busier than normal – it was Rodeo weekend.

Resize of 08-15-2004 Carnarvon aerial.jpg

Aerial of Carnarvon – from purchased postcard. Wintersun CP just inside left hand margin

Again, Truck would not be ready today – someone forgot to put the bearings on the plane! This saga was beginning to assume farcical aspects!

More TV Olympics.

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2004 Travels August 20


I walked to Dewsons supermarket. Bought rolls for lunch and some other oddments – limited by what I could carry back. It was about a 3km walk, all up.

We got the news that Truck was not ready. Only 4 bearings bits were sent from Perth, instead of the required 8.

More Olympics.

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2004 Travels August 19


Today, Truck was booked into the local Land Rover dealer’s for a service. We drove it in, then walked back.

Decided to keep going and have a look around the old OTC satellite communications dish, by the highway. It was somewhat vandalized. I thought it was a pity that it couldn’t somehow be utilized for tourism.

Established in the 1960’s, to be part of the tracking and monitoring of projects like the Apollo moon expedition, it operated until the mid 80’s, playing quite a significant role.

Then there was more Olympics watching, reading and sewing for me.

The service centre found that Truck needed new wheel bearings. This was not surprising – they were the front ones, which were the originals. It did stand, briefly, in water, too, on one of our Newman drives. The parts would come in overnight, and we should get it back tomorrow. That was alright.

Resize of 08-14-2004 02 Gascoyne with water Carnarvon

Gascoyne River

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2004 Travels August 18


I drove to the shops and collected my photos. They were quite pleasing. They were all the film photos I took since we were here last, so they covered some ground. Now I had the job of putting them into albums and writing comments.

I collected the next lot of mail.

John watched Olympics.