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2004 Travels August 22

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Olympics watching as usual. There was just too much of it – full on. Too much coverage of sports that do not interest me – unfortunately, most of them! I could raise some interest in the swimming, although even that got a bit boring. The only other coverage that interested me was the equestrian events. All else quickly became tedious, for me.

Truck was done at 6pm. It had been nice of them to work on it on a Sunday.

The plane from Perth arrived at 3.15pm. I texted son that I’d just seen our new wheel bearings fly over! He didn’t understand, and phoned me immediately – he thought we’d been in an accident! Oops. Anyway, we had an enjoyable long talk.

It was great to have Truck back. Even though we were not doing much, it felt better to know we could! Pleasing, too, to know that truck should be fit for the journey home across the desert.

Resize of 08-25-2004 01 Wintersun Carnarvon.JPG

Pleasantly shaded at Wintersun Caravan Park

At night, there was a very spectacular fireworks display, to end the Rodeo weekend.

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