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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels August 27

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Yesterday ended our second week of camping here, so the rate for tonight went up to $17.

Cleaned and packed up the outside stuff.

Drove into town to pick up my photos. There was still no faxed permit. This delay was normal, from what I heard. It was not going to deter us – I had tried to do the right thing.

Refuelled truck – $1.14cpl.

We had a farewell drink with E and D. It had been pleasant to spend some time with them, here.

My back was hurting – think I kinked it when doing the cleaning!

There were showers of rain through the evening. Last time we left here, it was wet, too.

John actually said that he wished we were going out to the Blowholes to camp for a while! This amazed me – I’d have thought it was too basic for him. Tempting as the idea was, for me too, we only now had about three weeks before the time we’d told L we would be home. This year, the timing could not be flexible, as she was moving back home to Nowra. John wanted to visit his family in Canberra, on the (roundabout) way home, too.

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