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2004 Travels August 19

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Today, Truck was booked into the local Land Rover dealer’s for a service. We drove it in, then walked back.

Decided to keep going and have a look around the old OTC satellite communications dish, by the highway. It was somewhat vandalized. I thought it was a pity that it couldn’t somehow be utilized for tourism.

Established in the 1960’s, to be part of the tracking and monitoring of projects like the Apollo moon expedition, it operated until the mid 80’s, playing quite a significant role.

Then there was more Olympics watching, reading and sewing for me.

The service centre found that Truck needed new wheel bearings. This was not surprising – they were the front ones, which were the originals. It did stand, briefly, in water, too, on one of our Newman drives. The parts would come in overnight, and we should get it back tomorrow. That was alright.

Resize of 08-14-2004 02 Gascoyne with water Carnarvon

Gascoyne River

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