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2004 Travels September 7


A rest day today.

John spent much of the day on the computer. I read, sewed, and went for a walk around the village again.

Resize of 09-09-2004 01 Yulara Village.JPG

Our Yulara site

When we checked at the PO, there was no parcel. John was quite annoyed that it still had not arrived. He phoned and checked and was reassured that it had been sent, as promised, on Friday.

Resize of 09-06-2004 09 Ayers Rock

Uluru. The climb track passes just to the right of the large hole.

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2004 Travels September 6


Lazed around camp in the morning.

After a fairly early lunch, went to the PO to check if, by some miracle, the brake parcel had arrived. We were not really expecting it, this soon, knowing that Express Mail does not quite work in remote areas!

We drove on, back out to Ayers Rock. There, we did the Waterholes Walk.

Resize of 09-04-2004 01 Ayers Rock 2.JPG

This was something a little different, giving close up perspectives of part of the Rock base.

Resize of 09-06-2004 01 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 1.JPG

Resize of 09-06-2004 02 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 2.JPG

Resize of 09-06-2004 03 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 3.JPG

We saw some art on a rock wall that neither of us had seen before – interesting, but not in the same dramatic class as the rock art of the Kimberley or Nourlangie in Kakadu.

Resize of 09-04-2004 22 Ayers Rock Art 2.JPG

Resize of 09-04-2004 23 Ayers Rock Art 3.JPG

Somehow, we’d managed to luck doing this walk in between the peak times for tour groups and others, so did not encounter too many other people, which was good. I find that jostling with crowds of tourists always detracts from whatever natural attractions one has come to see. Selfish I know, but I want these places to myself!

Resize of 09-06-2004 07 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 7.JPG

The chain section of the Rock climb – with no climbers on it




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2004 Travels September 4


After a late and leisurely breakfast, I walked to the retail centre.

Yulara was set out in a sort-of circle, with the various buildings and facilities arranged around the perimeter of a large, central,  low sand dune. There were walking tracks across this, so the trip to the shops was a very pleasant one.

The crest of the low dune was a viewing place, over the settlement and to Ayers Rock in the distance.

I put my photos in for processing, then walked around the shops, browsing, until it was time to go back and collect them. Bought the Weekend Australian and the Age. They were costly, having been air freighted in, but it was worth it to have a Victorian paper again. There was lots of reading for the money.

Bought some postcards to send to family and a couple of friends.

After lunch, we drove to Ayers Rock.

At the entrance station, negotiated with the lady there, to allow our Entry Pass, which normally lasts three days, to be able to be used for a longer period, should we need it.


We walked around the base of the Rock – some 9kms. Walked in a clockwise direction.

Resize of 09-04-2004 03 Ayers Rock 1


We had done the walk before, but it was not something we were tired of. It was lovely flat walking, with an ever changing outlook, birds flitting about and always something new to catch the attention.

Resize of 09-04-2004 06 Ayers Rock 5

Part way around was a bush shelter with a couple of interesting and “different” seats inside, constructed from local timbers and utilizing the natural curves of the wood. They were really quite beautiful.

Resize of 09-04-2004 11 Bush Couch 1.JPG

Resize of 09-04-2004 18 Bush Couch 5.JPG

The shelter was the typical bush one – roofed with dried spinifex held together by netting wire.

Resize of 09-04-2004 19 Bush Couch 6.JPG

Most images one sees of Ayers Rock are – necessarily – from a distance, to capture it all. They tend to give the impression of a smooth and homogenous entity. But close up, the Rock’s surface is eroded and broken in places, forming some really interesting shapes and patterns.

Resize of 09-04-2004 07 Ayers Rock 6.JPG

There are places where large chunks of rock have slipped and fallen down.

Resize of 09-04-2004 24 Ayers Rock Eastern Side 1.JPG

There are places where water has eroded channels and little potholes.

Resize of 09-04-2004 27 Ayers Rock Eastern Side 4.JPG

The red hops bushes were in flower, on clumps of bushes in amongst the dry grass. Very pretty.

Resize of 09-04-2004 02 Hops Bush.JPG

It was a really wonderful way to fill in the afternoon. I really appreciated the exercise, after all the travel sitting.

Resize of 09-04-2004 13 Ayers Rock 11.JPG

Late in the afternoon, there was all the flurry  in the campground, of visitors heading out to view the sunset on Ayers Rock, then coming back from that. We had done the sunset thing before, so were not tempted to join them.