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2004 Travels September 6

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Lazed around camp in the morning.

After a fairly early lunch, went to the PO to check if, by some miracle, the brake parcel had arrived. We were not really expecting it, this soon, knowing that Express Mail does not quite work in remote areas!

We drove on, back out to Ayers Rock. There, we did the Waterholes Walk.

Resize of 09-04-2004 01 Ayers Rock 2.JPG

This was something a little different, giving close up perspectives of part of the Rock base.

Resize of 09-06-2004 01 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 1.JPG

Resize of 09-06-2004 02 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 2.JPG

Resize of 09-06-2004 03 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 3.JPG

We saw some art on a rock wall that neither of us had seen before – interesting, but not in the same dramatic class as the rock art of the Kimberley or Nourlangie in Kakadu.

Resize of 09-04-2004 22 Ayers Rock Art 2.JPG

Resize of 09-04-2004 23 Ayers Rock Art 3.JPG

Somehow, we’d managed to luck doing this walk in between the peak times for tour groups and others, so did not encounter too many other people, which was good. I find that jostling with crowds of tourists always detracts from whatever natural attractions one has come to see. Selfish I know, but I want these places to myself!

Resize of 09-06-2004 07 Ayers Rock Waterhole Walk 7.JPG

The chain section of the Rock climb – with no climbers on it




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