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2004 Travels September 5

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Refuelled Truck – $1.28cpl.

We went to look at the camel ride establishment, south of the main settlement. We did not want to ride, but I just wanted to look at the camels!

We saw a group of riders being loaded onto some of the camels, and then setting out for their ride. Ships of the desert – appropriate.

Resize of 09-05-2004 01 Ayers Rock Camel Rides 1.JPG

Resize of 09-05-2004 03 Ayers Rock Camel Rides 3.JPG

They were gorgeous, I thought. Gentle, meditative. They looked at peace with the world. I knew they could be unpleasant beasts at times, but these did not look as if they had any nasty in them. I loved them. They looked pretty well cared for, by the mostly backpacker staff.

Resize of 09-05-2004 05 Ayers Rock Camel Rides 5.JPG

Resize of 09-05-2004 04 Ayers Rock Camel Rides 4.JPG

Could there be food in that ute? Or did his best friend go out with the riders?

Back at camp, John retreated to his computer games. I went for a walk around some of the village, looking at the staff housing area.

I was enjoying being able to wander around the shops here. Not that there were that many, but the eclectic assortments of items to tempt tourists made for fascinating browsing.

John was enjoying having TV and unlimited computer use.

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