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2004 Travels April 5


It was a very hot day.

Having yesterday made a gesture towards my wish to do some “tourist stuff”, John spent yet another day on the phone/internet hook up problem. This involved phone calls to Telstra – long ones!

I walked up to the shops and posted a card to grand daughter, and paid the Telstra bill at the Post Office.

Resize of 04-02-2004 Streaky Bay Beach.jpg

Beach in front of the caravan park

I went for a short walk in the other direction, away from the town, along a rather interesting-looking cycle/walk path that follows the southern shore of the bay around. It was too hot to walk far along here, though part of me was wishing we’d bought the bikes on this trip.

We had a talk with two Trakmaster owners we found in the park. Both had Nullarbor models. One of these had a number plate only three digits “younger”  than ours – from 1997. It was the first full van Trakmaster had built, and was much more travelled than ours, being on the road most of the time. I was envious – not of the van, but of the almost full time travel!.

The guy from the van behind us caught lots of salmon today, out at Hallys Beach, reached from the Cape Bauer loop drive.

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2004 Travels April 1


It was a pleasant drive west, to reach Streaky Bay, through grain farming country and several small towns. The early part of the journey, on the Eyre Highway, was broken up by the Iron Knob hill area in the distance, gradually becoming larger, until we were past it.

We stopped for a break and leg stretch at Kimba, where I took the photo that most travellers  must take – of John with the Big Galah, and one of the sign that says “Half way across Australia”. I was rather tempted to label one photo “Big and small galahs”! The galah photo should amuse the grand children, at least.

Resize of 04-01-2004 02 Kimba big bird.jpg


At Poochera, we turned off the Eyre Highway, onto a local road that would take us across to the coast and our destination.

Booked into the Foreshore Caravan Park, for a week. We wanted to explore the area, where we’d only previously passed through. Also, we were able to slow down now, because of being booked at Ceduna for Easter. The park was a FPA one, so we joined that association on the spot. After the resultant discount, our site was $18 a night, with the 7th night free. We thought this very reasonable for an excellent location, and a very pleasant and clean park.

Their site layout, though, did not allow much room for maneuvering when parking the van – and ours was only a small van! We were one row back from the beach front, so had glimpses of the sea from our outside area, through the gaps between the opposite vans.

There were fish cleaning tables set up by the beach – a really good idea that saves a lot of mess. There were lots of pelicans hanging about these tables – easy meals for them!

Seems that Streaky Bay was so named by explorer  Matthew Flinders because he saw great streaks in the water – perhaps an effect of the light, perhaps masses of seaweed? Did not look streaky to us, now.

After setting up camp, John went off to suss out bowls. He came back saying we could hurry up and get to play this afternoon. Bad luck about lunch! The people we met there were very pleasant. There was one almost blind lady, who was a deadly bowler. We met a Qld couple there, who were also going on to Ceduna for Easter. They told him there was a bowls tournament happening there, and John arranged to pair up with them for some events.

The park had good TV reception, so John was happy. The mobile phone signal was also good, so I was able to text our location to the offspring.

It had not even occurred to me, this morning, that it was April Fools Day!