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2010 Travels May 2

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M and I both hit the park laundry in the morning. I did two loads. It looked at first like it might rain, but then cleared to some sun. It was a nice breezy morning then and our clothes were dry by early afternoon.

John had been able to have a bit of a sleep in, but late in the morning we all walked up to the shops. Got papers. Had coffee – a nice treat – at a slightly trendy coffee shop. M had scones and jam and cream too.

Went to the IGA for some oddments, including a china coffee mug to replace my old enamel one, which had become quite badly chipped. It was time I drank my coffee with a little more style!

We also bought a bottle of Grey Nomad wine. Brilliant labelling – with a retro caravan on it. Hard to resist, not for the wine but so we could keep the bottle. M also bought some to give to friends at home.

That constituted a reasonable walk for us. Later in the afternoon, M and John went off to watch the bowls in progress.

M’s site behind ours at Streaky Bay

Quite obviously, this park catered for a number of fishing people, as well as bowlers. There was a fish cleaning station by the beach. It attracted some hopeful pelicans, whose antics were amusing to watch.

All things come to ……

We decided to extend our stay here by two more days, making five in all.

Tea was pork belly strips, and rice.

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