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2009 Travels August 28


Away again at 7am, now feeling rather apprehensive about the remainder of this trip.

We had driven this road so many times before that all I could say was that it was as usual. Flat, mostly. Scrubland. Cypress pine stands in places. Cobar was still there.

We tootled around in Hillston, for a while, trying to find fuel. Should have topped up in Cobar. We had never fuelled up here before, so didn’t know where to go. One outfit was shut for lunch. The other was an automated one – not too sure about that, so just got enough, after some fiddling around and censored words from John,  to see us to Griffith.

The weather seemed to be cooling down, as we came south, so it was a pleasant enough day for driving.

At the Griffith Caravan Park, we splashed out on an en-suite site, for $30. After the travails of the past few days, felt like a bit of indulgence. But the site was not particularly pleasant – on gravel, bare and utilitarian. The managers were not very amiable. We decided that next time through here, we should try somewhere else. Was there somewhere else?

Griffith site

We were not seeing our Griffith friends, who were away, but unhitched Truck and drove to buy fish and chips for tea. That cost $30, because we selected pieces of barra that were weighed before cooking. But it was a very nice meal.

Griffith was not an easy place to find one’s way around!

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2005 Travels March 11


After breakfast, drove out to the de Bortoli winery and stocked up on wine, in a small way. There was not room for much!. Obtained a price list from them and established that we could, through the year, send them an order and they would despatch same to the trucking depot in Mt Isa. That was handy to know. We were especially interested in their extra large casks of port – both for us and the camp.

Inspected laptops at Harvey Norman and Woolworths. Could get quite a good one for $600. I was rather tempted, but mine might still be fixable, so decided to take the risk and wait.

We spent much of the day visiting with V and F – friends we’d made when working at Adels Grove. Had lunch and dinner with them. F had taken the day off work to spend time with us – a nice touch. It was a most enjoyable time. They did not plan to get to Adels this year until about May, so it was unlikely that we would still be there then.

We invited them to come and visit us at Pungalina, when they could get enough time off from Adels to do so. I thought that idea really interested them – they liked remote areas and also checking out possible future work for themselves.

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2005 Travels March 10


After a few days of relatively calm and methodical packing – albeit with some last minute packing by John – we left home at 9.30am.

Our new housesitters, L and R, had visited us yesterday, to be briefed. They seemed very keen to meet our expectations and I felt good about them. They assured us that one of them would always be home at night with Spook cat – which was above and beyond what we were asking – and they would take care of his special food needs. He had just been diagnosed as diabetic, to complicate matters. They seemed anxious to get into garden upkeep!

Spook seemed sulky and withdrawn – I think he knew we were off again. It was sad saying goodbye to him, not being sure we would see him again.

Resize of 2-26-2005 Spook really gaurding strawberries.JPG

It was a routine trip north over ground much covered before. Yarra Glen, Yea, Seymour. There was the usual stop at Nagambie to buy sinful food at the bakery for John, which he ate sitting by the lake – great place for a stop.

At Tocumwal, we took a break and walked along the Murray River bank.

We did not eat the lunch rolls I had made at home, at lunchtime, due to the effects of the earlier bakery stop!

Refuelled at Jerilderie – $1.14cpl.

Reached Griffith about 5pm.

We took an en suite site at the Griffith Tourist Park for $24 per night.  Just felt like a bit more luxury than usual. Got chatting to the park owner, as one does, and he was interested to find out where we were going. He was keen to hear about Pungalina, as he went fishing in the Gulf region, regularly. I fished out a few of our brochures for him.

After basic set up, we walked to an area of shops, and Woolworths. I wanted to buy some grapefruit for breakfasts – we could not bring any with us, due to quarantine rules. Also had to buy toothbrush and toothpaste for John, who had realized he’d forgotten to pack any.

John was wearing thongs and did not manage the quite long walk very well.

Tea was the neglected lunch rolls, and defrosted chicken pieces I’d previously cooked.

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