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2009 Travels August 28


Away again at 7am, now feeling rather apprehensive about the remainder of this trip.

We had driven this road so many times before that all I could say was that it was as usual. Flat, mostly. Scrubland. Cypress pine stands in places. Cobar was still there.

We tootled around in Hillston, for a while, trying to find fuel. Should have topped up in Cobar. We had never fuelled up here before, so didn’t know where to go. One outfit was shut for lunch. The other was an automated one – not too sure about that, so just got enough, after some fiddling around and censored words from John,  to see us to Griffith.

The weather seemed to be cooling down, as we came south, so it was a pleasant enough day for driving.

At the Griffith Caravan Park, we splashed out on an en-suite site, for $30. After the travails of the past few days, felt like a bit of indulgence. But the site was not particularly pleasant – on gravel, bare and utilitarian. The managers were not very amiable. We decided that next time through here, we should try somewhere else. Was there somewhere else?

Griffith site

We were not seeing our Griffith friends, who were away, but unhitched Truck and drove to buy fish and chips for tea. That cost $30, because we selected pieces of barra that were weighed before cooking. But it was a very nice meal.

Griffith was not an easy place to find one’s way around!