This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels March 11

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After breakfast, drove out to the de Bortoli winery and stocked up on wine, in a small way. There was not room for much!. Obtained a price list from them and established that we could, through the year, send them an order and they would despatch same to the trucking depot in Mt Isa. That was handy to know. We were especially interested in their extra large casks of port – both for us and the camp.

Inspected laptops at Harvey Norman and Woolworths. Could get quite a good one for $600. I was rather tempted, but mine might still be fixable, so decided to take the risk and wait.

We spent much of the day visiting with V and F – friends we’d made when working at Adels Grove. Had lunch and dinner with them. F had taken the day off work to spend time with us – a nice touch. It was a most enjoyable time. They did not plan to get to Adels this year until about May, so it was unlikely that we would still be there then.

We invited them to come and visit us at Pungalina, when they could get enough time off from Adels to do so. I thought that idea really interested them – they liked remote areas and also checking out possible future work for themselves.

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