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2013 Travels November 20

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A normal morning, where I got up first and took Couey for her morning “ablutions” in a grassed area adjacent to the park.

Eventually John surfaced and we pottered about.

I went to meet my friends at the bowls club at midday. John had put his name down to play bowls, in preference to socializing, so he headed off to that.

The $10 meal deal was excellent value. I ordered lemon pepper squid, but was feeling increasingly unwell, with a clearly upset stomach, so did not feel like eating much when the meal arrived. Lots of conversation – we had much to catch up on – but I found it hard to concentrate. I wondered if yesterday’s ice cream was the culprit?

We decided against walking our dogs – they had two – on the beach, and decided to go back to their  place at Tura Beach. I drove the Terios there.

The new house was very pleasant and they had already made the garden lovely, being great gardeners. The block backed on to the Tura Beach golf course, so they had a beautiful, partly “bushy” outlook to that. They outlined plans to build a deck, roof the back terrace. They had sold their motorhome and said their travelling days were now over.

The two dogs of the establishment were a bit put out by the intruder in their yard, but a truce was declared. Couey was much more interested in staying close to me than exploring their territory anyway.

I left to drive back about 4pm. Got a bit lost trying to find my way back out to the highway through the winding roads of Tura Beach. This relatively newly built locality, just to the north of Merimbula, is really attractive, on undulating terrain, often with a view of the sea or of the large golf course. I could see the attraction of living here.

John was back at Bus when I got back. He had walked back from the club, after bowls finished. He’d had an enjoyable afternoon.

I wished we were here for longer as I’d have liked to spend more time with these friends.

John took the car and drove up to buy some beer at the cellars. He couldn’t get the main credit card to work and eventually had to fish out the back up card. Later, we worked out that he had been trying to enter the wrong PIN number. Senior moment? Given his several attempts, he’d probably stuffed it right up now, and would have to sort it out when we got home.

I made him some soup and salad for tea. I definitely wasn’t eating!

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