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2013 Travels November 19

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Left the park about 10am.

Topped up the fuel in Moruya – $1.589cpl.

Today’s was a lovely drive, partly within sight of the sea and partly a bit inland. It was all territory we’d covered before. The beachfront caravan park at Narooma looked as pleasant as I remembered, as we trundled past and on up the hill to the Narooma township. Kind of a strange place, with the commercial centre up on the hill, but some homes and the nicest parts down by the inlet.

Decided to take the coast road to Tathra, so turned towards Bermagui, crossing the bridge over the Wallaga Inlet. The road was winding and a bit hilly in places, with glimpses of the ocean.

Our en-suite site at the Tathra Beach Family Park was different to what I was expecting. The park had changed considerably since we were last here, now being privately owned – much development and upgrading. There were two swimming pools! I noted ads for events like special meal nights – like $8 for a baked potato with toppings.

Back in 2008, I had been impressed with the little row of unisex bathroom units near our site. They had disappeared now and, I think, been turned into the row of en-suite sites near the pools, fronting onto the beach. Very nice, but at $60 a night, also much more up market in price.

As we pulled up at the park entrance, to book in, there was a van ahead of us, so I had to wait while that was processed. Then, when we drove around to our site, he was trying to get onto the site before ours. Obviously a new van, and seemingly a couple new to vanning. He made a right meal of backing onto his site. Eventually, we could squeeze past him and drive onto our site, after quickly unhitching the car.

The new guy’s van was really low at the front, on a slightly sloping site, and he had great difficulty getting it off the towball, getting really flustered. He was also trying to uncouple it before undoing the safety chains, which made his task harder. We were fully set up – awning out, table and chairs set up, dog tethered, water and power hooked up, while he was still trying to unhitch his van! Do we miss caravanning? Not at times like that…

Our en-suite was excellent. That, combined with our prime position, made it worth the money. Although, in summer school holiday times, the position may not have been so prime, with heaps of kids in the pools.

After relaxing for a while – and John eventually taking pity on the neighbour and giving him a hand – we went for a walk along the beach. The tide was kind of out, so there was some firm sand to walk on. Couey ventured into the shallows, once John started paddling along in same. However, the sea here behaved differently to what she was previously used to, at Forrest Beach. Not ripples, but waves. She lay down to have a luxuriant roll in the wet sand, and nearly got swamped by an incoming wave. Not impressed, retreated up the beach and stayed well away from the water after that. Unfortunately, there were lots of dead muttonbirds further along  the beach, so dog was back on the lead pronto. I am such a spoil sport.

Back at Bus, John had a nap. I left dog with him and walked across the road to the shops, to buy some onions and potatoes, and was tempted into buying an icecream in a cone.

I phoned an old friend – former teaching colleague – who had recently moved to Tura Beach and arranged to meet her and husband for lunch tomorrow. Then read for the rest of the afternoon, had a shower.

Tea was steak with peppercorn sauce, foil wrapped baked potato, salad.

Watched Keating Interviews next part on TV. Such a brilliant program.

Went to bed and to sleep with the sound of the waves breaking on the nearby beach – just the best way to end the day.

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