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2013 Travels November 21

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We were ready to leave Tathra at about 9.30am. The morning was grey, overcast and with a light mizzly rain at times.

From sea level, where the caravan parks are, there is a short but very steep and bendy climb up to the headland where the main town is, and the road out of town. I drove the car, solo, up the hill and John drove Bus. Up the top, we found a place to park, and hitched the two together.

Decided to take the Bega road, then cutting through just before that town, across to Highway 1. Going that way avoided the more hilly route and having to go through Merimbula town – never an easy run. It was a good way to go.

As we passed through Eden, I reflected that this was another town we’d transited a number of times, but never stopped at, or explored. Another for the future trips list.

On, back into Victoria.

Stopped at Cann River, where there is ample parking for longer rigs. Went to the bakery there. It was almost lunch time. John bought a pie. All they offered in the non-pastry line was pre-made soggy looking white bread salad sandwiches. Very disappointing in a town that clearly has regular tourist traffic. With stomach still a bit iffy, I decided not to insult it with their sandwich offering.

Refuelled at Orbost. $1.579cpl.

At Nowa,  took the route through Bruthen thus avoiding Lakes Entrance.

Near Bruthen, we were startled when the smoke alarm suddenly started sounding, from up the back of Bus. After we bought Bus, had tried to make a battery operated smoke alarm adhere to the roof, like we’d had in the van. But the felted material that lined the roof wouldn’t let the alarm stick to it, so we just had it sitting on the bench top between our beds.

John pulled over and I went looking for the problem. Couldn’t find any reason for it to be going off – there was no fire that I could see. So we set off again, but again it sounded, a few kms further on. Another stop and inspection. All I could think of was that maybe the sun had been shining on it through the back window Or fumes from some roadside spraying we’d passed had upset it? Or maybe exhaust fumes from some trucks we’d been behind on a hill? Whatever – it wasn’t a pleasant occurrence and left us both on edge for the rest of the trip to Bairnsdale, and Couey acting quite neurotically. There is something about that noise that really upsets the more sensitive dog ears.

As we passed through Bruthen – another town never explored – noted that the caravan park there looked pleasant.

Went into the Mitchell Gardens Holiday Park in Bairnsdale, where we were put into a separate section allocated to those travelling with dogs – sites only, no en-suites. It was pleasant enough. $27.90 for the powered site, after discount.

There were lots of holes in the ground around our area. Cicada shells on the nearby trees provided the clue that the holes were where the newly hatched insects had emerged from the ground before heading up into the trees.

We were parked next to another Coaster – a short wheel base one, with a Suzuki Vitara on a trailer. They had set up a little shower/toilet tent by the rig. On the back of their Coaster was a sign “Bussebago”. They had a beautiful collie type dog that they said they’d found as a stray in their travels and adopted.

John didn’t feel like any exercise, but I took Couey for a walk along the excellent path that went along side the Mitchell River, from the park. I could have gone further, but she rebelled after a while and we went back.

As we’d driven into Bairnsdale there had been some really nasty, threatening looking storm clouds building in the distance, but the storm passed to the south.

I was still not feeling great, so made John an omelette for tea and I nibbled on some dry biscuits.

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