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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2013 Travels September 7

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After breakfast, John went off to go book in for bowls tomorrow. He came back with some bread for his lunch, but forgot to get the weekend papers I’d asked for.

I did some washing – nice luxury, having our own machine on site – and one that didn’t need to be fed on coins. Took Couey walking a couple of times.

Such a sneaky dog…

I cooked red emperor – from the freezer – for John’s tea. I had some salad.

John’s daughter phoned, after not being in touch for months, since we visited Broken Hill. That was a surprise.

The evening’s federal election coverage was interesting, even if the results had really been a foregone conclusion, with the Coalition parties defeating a government rent by disunity and personal conflicts.  Usually, in previous elections, I had missed most – or all – of the main coverage, because of working at a voting centre and not getting home until really late. This time, it was a pleasure to watch the results unfold. It seemed that the comeback of Mr Rudd had managed to save some Qld seats that would otherwise have been lost. It will be interesting to see what the next three years brings, given some of the challenges that are facing the nation.

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