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2013 Travels September 8

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John went off to bowls at 8.15, taking the car, so I had another Bus-based day. I tidied the Bus, did some washing, defrosted the fridge, washed the floor – always needed after a fridge defrost! Did some computing and downloaded some library books to my reader.

Another site view. Ensuite to left. Definitely worth the money…

I emailed our travelling friends from Griffith, that we’d met up with at Cobar earlier in the year. Then F phoned me. They were currently at Gayndah and suggested we meet up at Miles on Wednesday. At least John doesn’t mind their company!

John came home tired, but pleased he lasted the full-on day. He hadn’t slept much last night apparently, because he was anxious  about performing adequately at the bowls today. His sore leg that had flared up at Flying Fish Point still had not healed, and I was using Betadine and silver dressing on it. So those two things combined would have affected his moods.  He was still taking anti-biotics for the leg. The ones prescribed at Innisfail ran out today, but he found an older script that he’d brought from home, had it filled at Yeppoon yesterday and went straight onto those. I did not think mixing different varieties was a great idea, but kept quiet.

I had only planned a light salad meal for tonight, because a hot lunch was part of the bowls day event. However, John had been one of the last served, and didn’t get much, so he was more hungry than I’d anticipated. I added  some tinned soup and a can of red salmon to the offering.

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