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2013 Travels September 6

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We spent today at Bus.

Our spacious site, with its own drive through road

I was still not feeling all that well, or like being around the moody husband, but managed to go for a walk around the park, by myself, and then took Couey across to the area beside the lake, for a run.

John apparently decided not to go play bowls after all. He didn’t say why and I didn’t ask.

John had to unblock the outlet from the grey water tank again, as there was only a tiny dribble coming out. This time he knew exactly what to do. A large amount of grey water went onto the gardens, via bucket and then via the reconnected sullage hose. Clearly, waste water tank management will be an ongoing issue, in Bus.

I cooked whiting and fries for John’s tea, but just had some toast, myself.

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