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2013 Travels September 5

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After breakfast, set out to have a look around the area, having not been here before.

First stop was the bowls club at Emu Park, naturally. John couldn’t find anyone about the place, which made him cross, but did find a notice saying there was bowls on Friday mornings and on Sundays. Said he would go and play tomorrow. I thought to myself “this will make trying to go to lunch interesting!”

We drove around a marina area, part way back to Yeppoon, noting there was a seafood sales outlet there. Then continued on into Yeppoon, where I did yet more food shopping. The joys of a tiny fridge! I seemed to have spent so much time in supermarkets on this trip.

John checked out the Yeppoon Bowls Club while we were in the town. He was in a really nasty mood, so I told him I was not interested in doing any sightseeing with him, while he was like that. We returned to Bus. I emailed my friends, cancelling tomorrow’s lunch, which was obviously going to clash with John’s bowling and would be another source of aggro.

I was actually not feeling all that well – maybe stress. Spent most of the afternoon asleep

John had cold, leftover drumsticks and salad for tea. I passed.

Not one of our better days.

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