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2013 Travels September 4

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Got away in good time in the morning…8am. It was another hot and very windy day.

We had rarely visited the Queensland coast south of Townsville, so there was some interest in the scenery as we drove. We had on a couple of occasions, overnighted in Rockhampton, but had never visited the nearby coastal settlements.

Turned off the highway north of Rockhampton, for Yeppoon. Refuelled at The Oaks, a hamlet before Yeppoon where it was easy to drive the Bus into. $1.559 cpl. Refuelling on the way into a place where we will be staying ensures a good start when next we leave.

Found our way through Yeppoon’s outskirts  and on to Kinka Beach, without too much drama. There were some intriguing glimpses of the coast between Yeppoon and Kinka Beach. Very attractive looking.

Our en-suite site at the Cool Waters Holiday Village was very comfortable, quite private, well grassed with attractive gardens. The en-suite was clean, large, very well set up. It even had a washing machine and provided an airing rack.

The park itself seemed huge. Part caravan park, part a type of motel and with one section that looked like it catered for school camps and the like. There was also a retirement unit section. The park was by the large Causeway Lake – that we’d crossed on a causeway on the way from Yeppoon. With a park-like section between the park and the lake it was going to be wonderful for dog exercise. There was also a lady living in one of the retirement units who would mind dogs, for a fee. Doggy day care…

The promised TV via cable worked well, so John was satisfied with that.

I decided this place was actually worth the eye-watering outlay.

After setting up, drove back into Yeppoon, found a supermarket and did some food shopping.

After lunch, went walking, exploring near the park. Followed a narrow foot track through tall grass, from the road to the beach. Only stayed there long enough for a quick look as I didn’t know if dogs were allowed here.

Outlook from Kinka Beach causeway

Then, I roasted some chicken drumsticks, with vegies, for tea.

I had been in touch with a couple of friends of mine who were full time travellers, who were staying “up the road” at Emu Park, and had arranged via email to meet up on Friday at a local tavern, for lunch and a good catch up on our respective travels. When I told John about this, he was not happy – not his sort of socializing, not his sort of people.

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