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2010 Travels May 15

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I woke in the morning feeling poorly, after a restless night of bad dreams and disturbed sleep.

John had come to bed late, after playing games on his laptop, and that woke me. Then his “heavy breathing” kept me awake. It was a really cold night, too.

After I got up, couldn’t stop shivering. I didn’t feel like Weetbix – or even coffee, so decided I must be sick! Bugger – for a while there, thought I had whatever bug it was, beaten.

We took me off to a clinic, where a temperature of 40 degrees was measured, and urinary tract infection confirmed. A strong antibiotic was prescribed, with orders to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. We bought the necessary items and went back to camp.

I went to bed. John went to bowls. M went off for a drive and a walk in the National Park. They enjoyed their various afternoon activities.

M’s outfit about to take off – Port Lincoln

Food did not interest me, so John and M went and bought themselves KFC for dinner. Always a welcome treat for John!

An early night was had by all.

One thought on “2010 Travels May 15

  1. It’s always worrying being sick when on the road and longing for your bed, the one back home.

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