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2008 Travels June 23

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Today’s was another short move and thus a fairly leisurely start.

I had heard of Bermagui as a major holiday destination for some folk, but, because it was off the Princes Highway, had never even passed through it before, so I was looking forward to seeing somewhere totally new.

South of the Tilba area we turned off the highway onto the Bermagui road. This wound about, through country that  was, in places, very scenic. It took us past another holidaying place I’d heard of, through friends – Wallaga Lake.

The highway crossed the really large Wallaga Lake, which seemed more like an inlet to me, via a strange mix of old wooden bridge and causeway. It made use of a little island conveniently located part way across.

Up the hill beyond the water crossing, a  large caravan park we saw there was noted as a possible future place to visit.

Bermagui appealed immediately, as we approached on the winding road. First impressions were of a large fishing village, little impacted by development, with lots of park like land each side of the road. It was one of the nicest town approaches  we had seen on this trip.

I spotted a small fishing fleet – and a fish sales co-op. Wonderful!

We went into the Zane Grey Caravan Park, for $23 a night. Why would you name a park after an American Western?

The park, although somewhat dated, was up on a hillside, had great views down over the village and the inlet and to Dromedary Mountain, which stood out in the distance.

Dromedary Mountain

We were really impressed by the picturesque place, but only intended to stay a couple of nights, so only did a basic set up.

Outlook from in front of the caravan park

After an early lunch, we drove around the streets, looking. From the top of the point where the park was located, there were outlooks right out to the Pacific Ocean – an interesting contrast to the other way, across the inlet and village.

Norfolk Island Pines featured in parts of the township

This was definitely a place I would want to come back to for a longer stay. It was also a place that merited noting as a possibility, should we ever decide to relocate to a NSW coastal place. I doubt, however, that it could ever rival the areas around Coffs Harbour, which John adores.

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