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2008 Travels June 20-22

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On Friday we went driving, right around the Narooma Lake/Inlet.

Some of the way was on the Wagonga Scenic Drive – appropriately named. The town gave way, briefly to farming land, some of the hobby farm/rural lifestyle persuasion. Some were tucked into pockets of cleared land in the forests that soon became dominant for most of the rest of the drive.

The inlet at Narooma

There were glimpses of the inlet/lake between the trees, in places.

Stopped in the forest, at a point where we could safely park, and ate our packed lunches. Had a short walk around, on the lookout for birds, but it seemed they were tucked up somewhere warm and cosy, and not out and about. So back to driving.

We eventually emerged back onto the Princes Highway, north of the town and bridge.

That was a really lovely drive and one I would want to do again, next time we visit this area.

Saturday was predictably occupied. I spent much of the day reading the weekend papers, and going for a walk on the boardwalk. After an early lunch, John went to bowls.

On Sunday, we drove to look at the southern part of the inlet entrance, where there were breakwalls that formed an entry channel for boats, from the open ocean to the lake.

The breakwall would offer possible fishing spots, I thought. The entry channel would be a challenge to boats in rough weather.

As we explored around the town, there were businesses offering boat hire – small ones suitable for the inlet –  and charter ventures out for ocean fishing.

As at Batemans Bay, there were no apparent outlets for buying fresh fish, nor signs of a fishing fleet. That seemed a purely recreational activity here.

Despite the sprawled out nature of the town itself, which I felt gave it a certain lack of focus, we found this an attractive place. Certainly a holiday destination to return to at a better time of year. I was not so sure about it as a potential retirement destination for us – just did not “grab” me in that way.

Looking toward the sea from the highway bridge over the lake

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