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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2008 Travels June 19

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After a leisurely start and pack up, we moved south again, but only as far as Narooma. This was a place I was curious about, as one heard so much about people holidaying there, so I figured it must have its attractions.

We went into Easts Van Park, for $23.40 a night, after discount.

This was a large park, spread out along the beach/bay front. There was a most attractive outlook towards the sea. There were a few shops across the road from the park, but the main shopping centre was further away, up a steep little rise.

After setting up and having lunch, we went for a walk on the boardwalk that curved around part of the bay. This involved us walking across the bridge, with its excellent views upstream to the mountains, and downstream over the inlet to the sea.

It was just sunny enough to make the inlet waters sparkle and thus the walk a really enjoyable one.

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