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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2008 Travels June 24

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After a leisurely start to the day, John went driving, off to Cobargo, a township on the Princes Highway, some 20kms away. He knew of an establishment there that sold stills, and he was interested in buying one. A few years ago, he was offered – by a fellow camper at an out of the way spot – a glass of whisky that the guy had distilled himself. John thought it tasted pretty good, and yet another “John idea” germinated…

I was concerned about the legalities, or otherwise, of home produced spirits, really wished John wouldn’t contemplate same, and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. So I stayed away.

I went for a long walk through the village. The day was fine and cool – good for walking and looking around. The constantly pretty outlooks made it really enjoyable.

The inlet at Bermagui

I called in at the fish co-op. They did not have much of a range available, because of the bad weather that there had been, but I bought some fish for our tea.

John came back with information about the still to peruse. Later that evening, he decided that we would tomorrow, go via Cobargo, instead of continuing on the coastal road through Tathra. He would stop at Cobargo and buy himself a still. Bugger!

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