This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels July 31

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It was an extremely hot and wind-less day. The heat was enervating and it was an effort to do anything much at all. The flies were really plentiful and persistent all day.

Sitting area shaded but not cool….

John fished from the beach. He caught a trevalley – not all that large.

He and M went off in the afternoon, to drive around the shore a little way then gather some of the huge black lipped oysters, that abound in this area. They returned with about a dozen – enough for the two of them. Not to my taste!

I wrote up diary notes and postcards, did some sewing. For the sake of exercise, went for a walk along the beach.

The beach and the old shack

At tea time, M and John set about opening the oysters. Not very scientifically – John wielded a set of pliers and M used our small miners pick! I suspect more than one bit of shell was consumed, along with the critter.

Opening oysters

I cooked John’s trevalley for the rest of his tea. I only felt like a cup of soup – too hot to eat.

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