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2007 Travels August 1

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Today was a day like yesterday – stiflingly hot, and lazy. However, John did not catch a trevalley, and they did not go oyster hunting.

John going fishing

We realized that Les had actually been turning off the camp generator through the daytimes, and only running it at night. This was probably to save money on fuel.

The fish camp people next to us had at least two large portable freezers, as well as camp fridges.

Camp freezer – for take home fish?

So they were having to run a couple of generators through the day, to keep all these cool. Meant the days were noisy for us, rather than peaceful.  We thought that the men were filling the freezers with fish to take away with them. They went out every day with their boat, fishing. I thought there were considerable limits on taking lots of fish away, in these parts, with significant penalties if caught. It seemed that any such rules were not being applied here, even though Les was supposed to be some sort of Ranger. There were no apparent limits on the size of people’s catches, or the number of the same species kept, or even on whether the catch was of legal length. Open slather. From the number of campers here with boats and considerable freezer capacity, it would appear that Honeymoon had developed a reputation……..

The next door camps

Les was still, if pressed, taking out fishing parties in his boat. M and John persuaded him to take them out tomorrow morning. It would cost them $125 each, for four hours in the boat.

Sausages for tea tonight, with tinned tomatoes. The pantry was running somewhat low.

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