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2007 Travels January 31

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Electrician left today. No sparkies left on site now.

Our camp power was on and off all day – eight or nine times in all. But that main camp was not our responsibility, thankfully. The longest outage was 45 minutes. Very bad for all sorts of machinery and technology. It put Spotless comms out, so they were now coming in to use my phone and fax. A pest. Shades of the old days! With my site office not wired up to the camp power but on its own genset, the power stayed on to my systems.

It was amazing how quickly the bedrooms heated up when there was no air con.

There was definitely a gastro bug in camp!

The concrete delivery place that K had found was not very reliable. They were late getting the stuff to RV1 again, today. The heat was causing cracking problems in the concrete.

John arrived back from RV1. He did the pool work – put in the depth markers, fixed the Krawly hose, did the bunds around the pool chemicals. He’d already done that for the pool at RV1. He loaded up some materials that K wanted, into the bus, then drove back to RV1 with that, and overnighted there again.

There were storms in the afternoon. About 4pm there was strong wind, thunder and lightning, rain. The electrical storm continued on after dark and was quite spectacular.

Storm light…PENTAX Image

My existence in my bedroom “cell” here is quite monastic. Don’t think I would like the FIFO life on a long term basis.


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