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2007 Travels January 30

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John went off with the Acco, with the bobcat on the back – needed at RV1. He then did a tip run to Hedland and collected the pools signage/markers from the afternoon plane, before overnighting at RV1.

So, down to just electrician B and me, here.

Breakfast area – including industrial toaster, at right

K had managed to locate someone to bring concrete out to RV1, so today they were pouring the veranda spurs for the new buildings. The cement delivery was very late, though.

There was a big storm at RV1 last night, that left large pools of water everywhere and showed up drainage problems over much of the camp. K would work on some sort of attempt to rectify this.

New message from HO – the company plates were now to stay on the sale buildings! Good thing John had not started shifting them, yesterday.

About 3pm there was a strong willy wind, that scattered loose stuff around again.

Yesterday’s fire to the NW was still going, so there was a discernable smoke smell about. We had been able to see the glow clearly last night, and again tonight. I idly wondered what I would do if the camp had to be evacuated?

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