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2007 Travels January 29

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One electrician, John and I were the only project people at RV2.

The electrician reported that a number of the SPQ dongas were really badly wired. I passed that comment through to HO – up to BB whether he took up that comment with the builders.

John had a sticky job – literally – out in the heat. He had to go around all the Pod 1 and 3 buildings, putting sticky company labels on every donga. These were the ones that would be taken away again, once the railway was built, with the central Pod 2 remaining here to be the rail maintenance camp.

After that, he worked on his coffee table tops.

Still no concrete at RV1. Apparently K went into Hedland to try to source some. He might have been better to have just sat and used the phone. – certainly quicker. But it got him off site again.

Instructions came from HO, to take all the metal ID plates off the Pod 2 dongas that would be sold to FMG, and relocate those onto any of the leased dongas in Pods 1 and 3, that did not already have plates. Job for John, but I was to keep a record of the changes.

There was a very large bushfire visible in the distance, all afternoon.


The pool Krawly hose at RV2 was not long enough. John was to get more, next time he was in Hedland.

There was a shower of rain in the late afternoon, then a wind/dust storm about 8pm.

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