This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels February 1

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John had an airport run first thing as the four workers at RV1 were going out on break. That only left K and John on today’s worker list there. In the afternoon John went back to the airport to collect the two men coming back from break. In between time, he cleaned and detailed the bongo bus – on specific instruction from BB, who had not been happy with its condition, the last time he saw it.

Salt marks on John’s saturated shirt – from sweating so much!

The concreting was finished at RV1.

I just continued with my paperwork collation, serial number organizing, Building Registers and the like. A really huge job overall. The Spotless comms were still out, so they were in and out of my office all day.

Communication came from HO that we were to fly home next Thursday. That made sense, as there was not much more to be done here – apart from the installation of the extra SPQ’s. I would be quite pleased to go – but having K working here without someone to keep tabs on him and (gently) prod him in necessary directions, might not be the smartest move by the high-ups!

That would make five weeks of being here. Enough of the heat, dust, remoteness and not having wheels to go anywhere. But it would have added about another $30,000 to our coffers, which kind of balanced the scales!

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