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2007 Travels January 16

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Today’s communique from FMG Hedland – no more fires were to be lit at the temporary dump point. I wonder why! They wanted a timetable for when the new SPQ’s at both Villages would be installed. Over to HO on that one!

The men started doing the layout for the new SPQ’s on Pod 1. Presumably, having to do these extra installations would push back the finishing date for our company at the project.

One of the men cut a finger – quite deep. K drove him to Newman for a tetanus shot – he jumped at the chance to get away from the place. That trip took them several hours.

I heard back from the ice machine company. They suggested running the water through a coolroom first, or installing a chiller. Not much help there!

The temperature of the water coming out of the kitchen cold taps at midday was 38 degrees! It got hotter later. No wonder my post-work showers were not enjoyable.

Both the Acco tip trucks were full of rubbish from the unpacking of Pod 3 fittings. No more burning – so now what?

John took the bus to Hedland to get the new tyres fitted.

BHP ore train near RV2

Cloud had built up through the afternoon. About 5pm quite a strong willy came through – dust, debris flying about, then rain. The latter showed that the surface of the sports court was definitely not flat!

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