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2007 Travels January 17

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We were back to getting buildings delivered again.  That was fast! The company must have taken a bit of a gamble, way back before Xmas, that these would be needed, and commissioned the building company. Four new SPQ units were delivered and placed in position. This could be done by our men because they were positioned at the ends of Pods, so the forklift could get there without damaging any path work. It was found they were missing beds, so sixteen of those would have to come up from Perth.

New dongas in place at end of Pod

Brickie arrived in. He “somehow”  lost the window for the office partition “somewhere”  on the way from Perth. How could you just lose a large, rigid item that big, without noticing? Poor packing by the maker? Poor loading on the truck? They would replace it – eventually. That had been a saga. When I left in December, the partition was being built in Perth, to A’s specifications. The building company promised delivery within a week or two. That obviously had not happened. So P had built a rough partition that had been doing the job. Now K decided he would install the ordered one here!

RV2 was filling up fast now.

John took one Acco load of rubbish to the Hedland tip – a long round trip for him, in the heat, with no air con in the truck. Given the distance, and the time taken, that was really going to cost FMG in Contingency fees!

About 6pm there was a dust storm with strong winds. Light rain fell during the night.

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