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2007 Travels January 15

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John had to have to Acco at RV1 by 7am, to meet a truck and collect a septic tank for the contractors’ offices here, and 7 air conditioner units. It meant a very early start for him – like up at 4.30am. He was able to scrounge a cereal breakfast before leaving. When he got back, helped unload the Acco and distribute the air cons to where they were needed.

News came that FMG had gained Heritage approval to dig proper rubbish pits at both camps, at specified locations. But they did not seem to have any idea how and when to do that. Guess there would have to be careful surveying and so on to be done first.

Ongoing refrigeration compressor problems. BB decided some heavy words were needed and phoned that company himself, from HO.

Lots of finishing off tasks happening here.

Our first aid building was now finished and occupied by the paramedic who had arrived the other day.

The ice machine at RV1 was repaired. Someone had decided that venting them to the outside of the building might reduce heat and help performance.

The pool at RV1 still was not approved, I heard – the chemical balance of the water was wrong. Spotless could not blame us for that! Pool upkeep was their job.

K was highly anxious about cyclones! He had me check the weather site, on the computer, each day, and spent time himself, poring over the weather maps.

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