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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels January 14

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Apparently two of the doors on a SPQ unit that had been at the Fly Camp had been jemmied open at some stage and now would not close properly. No one owned up so it maybe happened over the Xmas break – outsiders looking for stuff to steal? The doors would need replacing.

John had to do a fuel fetching run to North Point Fly Camp. He took progress photos here for HO.

Sports court marked out

A totally new problem appeared – just for variety. Some of the SPQ unit doors were bowing outwards, due to the pressure of the air conditioning within. Outside my remit, totally  – would report it to HO.

There were ongoing problems with a kitchen freezer, and lots of smoke alarm false alarms.

John checked some smoke alarms. He did some riveting on SPQ doors, where the units had arrived with missing rivets. Poor quality control…..

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