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2007 Travels January 13

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A day of trouble shooting! Some days here I regretted getting out of bed…..

From FMG came the news that the water pipeline must be relaid, because it criss crossed where the rail line would be. So which genius did that, originally? That would have to be done as a Variation Order.

Apparently some air cons here and at RV1 were not safely installed, and must be rectified.

RV1 contacted me. They needed a new griddle. The deep fryer was not working properly. One of the ice machines was not working. They still needed another 5 sets of kitchen curtains. Such a familiar refrain….Obviously, none of these deficiencies was addressed in any way, once I left there in December. Not good. Seemed that the man in charge there just ignored them.

I arranged for the refrigeration man to go to RV1 to fix the ice machine. I would seek advice from the  Brisbane maker of the machines – yet again – about the best way to pre-chill water before it fed into the machines. In the interim, we would install bubbler coolers (again! When had the first lot been removed?) as a temporary measure.

There was a griddle unit here that would be installed at RV1.

John would put up their kitchen curtains when he was there, and had time. After the double order, last year, we had no shortage of curtains!

FMG’s Environmental Officer was not happy with the sewerage farm; that company must return and rectify the faults.

John was back from RV1. He hung curtains in the wet mess, repaired a door on one of the contractor’s offices, did some more work on fire extinguisher signs and brackets. He changed the tyre appointment for the bus to Tuesday, as on Monday he must pick up the sewerage man and take him to RV1.

The electricians stopped work at 2pm because it was 52 degrees out in the open.

Today had been grand daughter’s fifth birthday. She would soon be starting school. No doubt her parents had a party for her. I was really regretful to be missing this family event.

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