This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2007 Travels January 12

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It was 52 degrees today, out in the sun.

John was in early from RV1. He was out again to take M to the midday plane – she was finishing up here and going home to organize for their longer term move to Leonora, to manage the company’s facility there. John stayed in Hedland to pick up a worker from the late plane, and overnighted at RV1. Whilst in town, he got the bus serviced. It was in urgent need of new tyres. To be done on Monday.

FMG and BB were doing the contract preparation for 14 extra SPQ’s for the Villages.

Brickie left for Leonora with assorted, no longer needed, gear on his semi, much of it from the Fly Camp.

Two of the more experienced men were despatched to Newman. BB was doing someone a favour and the men were installing air conditioners in a building at the racecourse. They later reported back that the White Springs track – the scene of John’s “little adventure” last year – was a real shocker now.

Some of the men were cementing paths and verandah spurs for those new dongas. it was not a big enough job to get the engineering firm in again from SA. Four were already in place at RV2, from last year – two of which were now found to be wrongly placed! K at work again…..

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