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2007 Travels January 11

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Today the Spotless chef measured the temperature as 50 degrees, outside in the sun. Our men were working out in that!

K and I met with the Spotless manager to go over the kitchen and Pod 1 and 2 faults, here. My role was just to record same. I was finding that I couldn’t relate to the managers here, like I did with the ones at RV1 – although the demands of the latter sometimes made me cross, I really liked them. Last year, we ate our evening meals with them, quite often. I envied John his evenings at RV1 now, especially as I could envisage him and manager R, sitting outside their donga, sharing a beer!

Spotless at RV1 were reporting lots of faults to me, as they occupied Pod 3.

A couple of the men emptied the water tank that had been hooked up to the office, ready to send it south – now I had no water to the office. John and Brickie emptied the two portaloos – one that had been at RV1 and one that was used here, before the sewer was connected up. Not a pleasant job, it was reported! They too would be going south – guess they would be held ready for the next project!


I found this amusing….

I phoned the fire company and ordered what we needed. They would be coming to test/charge/ tag the many defunct extinguishers on 20th. I didn’t think we should have been supplied with so many expired extinguishers, by the building companies, but that was an issue for HO to sort out.

I managed to snaffle  a TV for John’s room. TV’s were being issued by Spotless, although the company had installed the brackets for them. They had been in short supply and were only now being provided to some rooms – but no TV system set up yet. If John was going to keep on being away for so many nights, I might get the TV put in my room!

Thank God we were not supplying the TV’s – imagine the complaints I would have to deal with!

K had a conversation with Darwin office about the deck paint. They told him that only two drums had been originally supplied, so in fact none had been stolen. K had not kept tabs on his supplies!

South Point Fly camp would be totally dismantled and gone by next Tuesday.

Resize of 11-14-2006 sunset fly camp rv2

Sunset at South Point Camp – more primitive than North Point had been

John collected the communications men, and a worker, from the afternoon plane and they overnighted at RV1. He took the bongo bus, so at least was cool, driving.

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