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2007 Travels January 10

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The temperature reached 46 today.

John was back by 8am, as seemed usual. He had the full day here, today, so it was a chance to catch up on some of his office work, and take photos recording progress, for HO. Also to bring his cash spending spreadsheet up to date. There did not appear to be any record left of how the money he left in December was spent – or what happened to it. Hundreds of dollars.

The Spotless cook gave us a punch list of unsatisfactory things in the kitchen/diner. What’s new! I asked HO – again – to order a new deep fryer for the RV1 kitchen. That issue had carried over from last year.

One of the coolroom compressors that was fixed yesterday was playing up again. Do some of these people really know what they are doing?

John and I walked around the whole place, checking out what fire extinguishers would still be needed. A lot of the ones that came with the SPQ’s were out of date. He put up fire signs and extinguisher brackets. Until doing this work, I never knew that fire extinguishers had to live in special plastic bags in places like this!


The FMG man from Hedland arrived, bringing out the paramedic who would be stationed here, and the ambulance.

It was nice to have John around, after work, to talk to! I was feeling much lonelier here than I had at RV1.

There was rain overnight.

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