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2006 Travels November 25

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Low 40’s and humid.

The company only had two men working here now – and us. The electrical work was progressing – slowly, as usual! Four men from the pool company were working on that. Two men from the comms company were installing TV’s and the central broadcast system for same.

11-25-2006 Pool Fence being Erected2

Working on the pool

The mechanics company came to check and service vehicles, then go on to RV2 to do the ones there. They’d had good business from us, but it was invaluable having them come to the site to do servicing and repairs.

The forklift was U/S – having been borrowed – without permission of course – by one of the railway building companies on site. Mechanic said he would have to get in parts for it. Other site occupants raiding our gear containers and equipment had become a real problem.

Our two men painted the wet mess beer garden deck. Did more cleaning up about the place. They had removed a section of the deck wall and hoped that would be sufficient to pass muster.

11-25-2006 Alan and Peter Painting Wet Mess Floor

Painting the decking floor of the wet mess

John collected BB from the morning plane, then took the Acco to RV2 with their pool shed and fence and came back with a bobcat borrowed from there, and some cement mix.

Apparently, BB had been in some discussion with FMG, who were now concerned that the 280 rooms would not be sufficient for the needs of the railway builders. Our company might have to commission and install eight more SPQ dongas at each village – there had been some provision for these on the original plans. That would add 32 more beds to each Village. That work could not happen before next year though. BB said he thought they might start hot bedding – when I looked mystified he explained that meant working in  shifts so two men used the same bed. My mind boggled – I just hoped they changed the sheets in between. All part of the great sense of urgency that was now pervading the place.

BB did a walk round of the camp, with P, and made a new punch list of all that still needed to be done. He and A had a talk about the Spotless security screen and it was decided that A would build it on site. Then BB took the bongo bus to go to RV2.


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