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2006 Travels November 24

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Low 40’s.

I packed up R’s stuff in the office and dispatched it to Darwin on the company truck that was returning there. That same truck would load up R’s vehicle at Broome airport and truck it back to Darwin. A sad ending – we didn’t get to say goodbye. I hoped he would fully recover from whatever was ailing him.

John took a load with the Canter to the tip in the morning and brought back pool fencing. He had reported that the cab was getting extremely hot, took it to the mechanic in Hedland, who found a loose panel between the cab and the engine bay!

Resize of 11-24-2006 john off to tip 1

Off to the tip, with the Canter

In the afternoon, he took the Acco to Hedland and picked up the pool shed destined for RV2.

There was a steady movement of our surplus equipment and stuff to RV2. At least, I hoped it WAS surplus!

The men had commenced clearing and packing up the lay down area. This would become a part of the large car park area for camp residents.

11-18-2006 Car Park now with lots of cars

Already a number of vehicles were being parked in the laydown area

Once again, the electrical company work was holding up other progress. The electricians had been missing in action this morning and only turned up in the afternoon. The Pod 3 TV’s could not be properly installed until the power points had been done.

Got word that the missing locksets for the Pod 3 doors would finally be coming – with BB from Perth, on Saturday.

About a week ago, I was approached by a guy from one of the companies that would be working on the railway line build, wanting to know if my site office would be available for them to hire. He was temporarily working out of one of the other assorted contractors’ offices that firms had set up at the side of the camp area. HO approved of that and said they would prepare a contract. It arrived today, for him to sign. So my office would not now be moved, but would stay and have to have services hooked up to it – water and camp power.

11-18-2006 Safety Shower

Safety shower installed outside the chemical store donga – a very pre-loved building

Also word came that the company HO had chosen could not deliver the roller shutter for the Spotless office until February. What now?

We appeared to have lost a batch of road signs that R had borrowed from a survey company, a while ago.

The semi took the trench digger, bobcat and concrete mixer to RV2.

Spotless was hassling me about a new griller that was required for the kitchen and whether it had been ordered – in turn, I was hassling V in HO about the same thing!

K came back from leave, so would be back at RV2 now.

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